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Bullion Mart is one of world's leading ethical gold supplier with strategic relationships across the globe. We ensure transparency and fair returns to all market participants.

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Find safe harbour in troubled markets or take advantage of opportunities, precious metals are among the world's oldest and most trusted investment instruments.

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Discover the rarest of bullion numesmatic collection with us. We supply coins and bars from the world's most prestigious mints.

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"The desire of gold is not for gold. It is for the means of freedom and benefit." ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Invest in Precious Metals

We understand the importance of gold and silver in an investment portfolio. While we believe that gold belongs in any long-term investment portfolio, we understand there are times when investors need to change their exposure to precious metals. At Bullion Mart, we aim to provide best execution and low trading costs to both global citizens and to domestic customers in all markets in which we operate. We provide timely, secure, and low cost physical delivery of your purchases. Vaulting services are for the customers who wish to hold their wealth in multiple jurisdictions, or simply for customers who require the ability to rapidly change position with minimal transaction costs.

Sustainable Gold Supply

Bullion Mart sources its gold from mines and companies that share our vision of a gold supply chain that is free of conflict-gold and child labour. We conduct business with our clients and suppliers at low cost, but also ensuring fair margins are earned by all. The result is gold supplied to our customers that is transparently sourced, fairly priced, and refined to exacting purityear standards that will meet all of your requirements.

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About Us

Bullion Mart is a leading global wholesaler, retailer, and refiner of precious metals. Bullion Mart brings over three decades of experience in Canadian and Global markets. Under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Moniruz Zaman, a team of experienced Banking and Financial professionals, Bullion Mart has become a household name, trusted brand, and a reputable competitor in the precious metals market. Striving to consistently provide cutting edge technology and up-to-the-minute market analysis, Bullion Mart aims to ensure its customers have what they need to make informed decisions about their precious metal holdings. Our objective is to provide a seamless customer experience. We will earn your loyalty through outstanding customer service, fair prices, ethically sourced metals, and transparent delivery. Our mantra is to deliver an experience that is superior to all other financial institutions and precious metals dealers.

The desire for gold is the most universal and deeply rooted commercial instinct of the human race. - Gerald M. Loeb


Bullion Mart offer secure, convenient vault storage for our gold and silver customers. Take advantage of our numerous vaults in any of the key markets in which we operate to trade or simply store your metals.


Thinking about selling your precious metals? We purchase gold and silver bars, coins, and scrap jewellery at live spot prices. We make selling gold and silver quick, transparent, and confidential.


New to precious metals investments? Contact our experienced advisors who have long term and outstanding experience in the industry to get the best advice.



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